FY 2013 - 2014

Series 1: Fiscal Year 2013 - Fiscal Year 2014 ($9.4M)
New Signal: Airport at Research Parkway - Complete
Signal - Airport and Research.JPG
Airport - Research 3_thumb.jpg
New Signal: S 5th at FM 93 - Complete
Signal - S 5th and 93.JPG
S 5th at FM 93 10-29-14_thumb.jpg
New Signal: West Adams at Westfield Boulevard - Complete
Signal - W Adams and Westfield.JPG
Signal Adams at Westfield 2_thumb.jpg

Westfield Boulevard Phase 1 - Complete

old westfield.bmp
Westfield Blvd_thumb.jpg

South Pea Ridge Road (Tarver to Hogan) - Complete

S Pea Ridge 1.jpg
Pea Ridge at Tarver complete_thumb.jpg

Signal Communications -  Complete

Pavement Preservation Program (Overlay) - Complete

  • Overlay approximately 60 lane miles of city streets (5% of existing inventory)
  • Includes restriping of key corridors to incorporate multi-modal components (Avenue M, South 57th)